We Are Solvers

 – for sponsors, donors and working contributors – 

Winning solvers are creative and competitive individuals who use the vehicle and mindset of open innovation and crowdsourcing to follow their inner flow and to achieve a goal beyond themselves.

Through “We Are Solvers” production this unique community of award winners can be better seen, heard and pushed forward on the long and adventurous journey of reaching its full potential, but also of reaching our world best potential, as solvers are on top of the most active professionals when it comes to making things better, to innovating.

If you feel to become part of this story and share our vision with your full heart, joy and excitement, your support and contribution to push forward this project is highly appreciated.

Like any “Do-It-Yourself” project, there are a lot of things that require resources (like money, skills, knowledge and time) in order to produce more series of “We Are Solvers” interviews and to develop the platform further. To list the top 3:

  • production costs (the highest and the most important cost)
  • online infrastructure (website costs, host, upgrades, admin)
  • online & digital marketing / promotion (articles writing, podcasts, master classes, etc)

No matter who you are and where are you coming from, as long as you fell in love with this project, you can offer your monetary and non-monetary support at any time. This is what production can offer you in return:

  1. Thank you. (In your language!)
  2. Your name and logo on production credits at “Special Thanks” section (at the end of each episode from the sponsored series)
  3. Your name, logo and link to your profile/business on our SPONSORS page.
  4. Your name, logo and link to your profile/business on “We Are Solvers” multi-media online promotion campaigns.
  5. Invitation to future virtual and offline “We Are Solvers” meetings and events.

To proceed further please contact “We Are Solvers” producer Georgia Mihalcea at, on mobile phone at +40 – 722.856.811 or on Skype at georgia250479

Remember to do it with passion and joy, with an open mind and heart. 

In the meantime, let’s keep creating many interesting days!


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