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June 22

Harvard Innovation Labs Meet Crowdsourcing Winning Solvers

Harvard Innovation Labs Meet Crowdsourcing Winning Solvers What motivates people to join a crowdsourcing community? Why do people work hard on challenges? As a part of an ongoing research on the motivating factors of the crowd, researchers at the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard University have been asking a series of questions to the challenge […]

January 07

Study Case: Innocentive (2)

Scanning open innovation marketplace. Study Case Innocentive. Part 2.

December 07

Study Case: Innocentive (1)

Scanning open innovation marketplace: Innocentive. Today, crowdsourcing is almost mainstream when it comes to solving problems in creative ways and transfer knowledge and technologies on fast forward and at lower costs than traditional ways.

January 20

Creative Teaser

We Are Solvers. Creative Teaser.

January 19

Jacqueline Eenkooren

Interview. Winner of 2 open innovation challenges. Canada.

January 18

Georgia Mihalcea

Interview. Winner of 7 open innovation challenges. Romania.

open-innovation-winning-solvers-research-interviews January 16

We Are Solvers – Intro

Intro video for Series 1 of “We Are Solvers”