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January 07

Study Case: Innocentive (2)

Scanning open innovation marketplace. Study Case Innocentive. Part 2.

December 07

Study Case: Innocentive (1)

Scanning open innovation marketplace: Innocentive. Today, crowdsourcing is almost mainstream when it comes to solving problems in creative ways and transfer knowledge and technologies on fast forward and at lower costs than traditional ways.

July 10

What would you say to headhunters?

What would you say to human resources professionals and to headhunters? Talented professionals coming from various countries and from all ages, paths of life and working fields, problem solvers with multiple awarded solutions talk about their views and expectations from recruiters.

February 16

The Beginnings. Challenges.

Insights from the production side of things. We Are Solvers opening series: the challenges of the beginnings.

January 19

David Galbraith

Interview. Winner of 1 open innovation challenge. USA.

January 19

Jacqueline Eenkooren

Interview. Winner of 2 open innovation challenges. Canada.

January 19

Michael Ricciardi

Interview. Winner of 7 open innovation challenges. USA.

January 19

Steven Webb

Interview. Winner of 10 open innovation challenges. USA.

January 19

Mario Rosato

Interview. Winner of 6 open innovation challenges. Italy.