Opinions on challenging matters

Winning solvers opinions on challenging matters

– your very personal insights source –

Precision is everything. Business is like surgery. You can be a top surgeon, but 1% lack of precision may easily kill your patient. Winning solvers community can help you with improving  accuracy and decreasing uncertainty. On short, at improving trueness and precision. It is how we keep delivering winning solutions to all sorts of complex problems while dealing with relevant amounts of unknown, big and fast data challenges.

To continue the exploration journey of winning solvers community and open innovation realm through We Are Solvers production, resources are needed and one way to go, besides sponsorships, is to be self-sustainable. At this stage, offering our winning solvers professional opinions on various challenging matters you encounter is something at hand for us.

Award winning solvers community means top 1% of the most creative and competitive professionals that exist out there in the world and who choose to engage in meeting the 21st century challenges. An extensive set of opinions coming from such a prolific community may turn out to be valuable for you.

Through constant problem solving in open innovation, winning solvers shaped their skills like no others and became one of the best navigators through the web, technologies and existing and future systems.

The most common traits you’ll meet in winning solvers community, no matter what their individual background is, are:

  • very good and fast researchers and thinkers
  • great navigators in big volumes of data
  • passionate explorers
  • great presentations/sales pitch architects (great business/content writers)
  • extensive / diverse knowledge (they tackle a huge amount of problems from a variety of industries, business levels and countries)
  • good pilots in unseen and unknown realms
  • very well informed about open innovation platforms, crowdsourcing and innovations in general
  • crazy about difficult problems to solve; the more complex, the better.
  • futurists / visionaries
  • sense of humor

Maybe you want to solve a problem in a smaller circle than typical open innovation platforms offer. Maybe you want to create and integrate an open innovation/crowdsourcing operational unit in your organization. Maybe you are in the middle of a litigation or mediation process and you need fresh or a richer diversity of perspectives to win your case. Maybe you occupy a leading role and you need your private and reliable source of inputs and insights.

Or maybe, before doing anything, you just want an opinion on one topic or another and you want it from an international community of top performers who are permanently validated by international organizations who award their thinking, their solutions. You want to cover all possible aspects of the topic, to offer you a diversity of angles, no matter what your topic or challenge is.

We can do that. 

By watching the interviews with winning solvers, you may also want to choose the ones you want an opinion from. Until we do more progress with our production and will be able bring to your attention more prolific winning solvers, we recommend you at least two more sources where you can find who you are looking for: openOI and Innocentive Winning Solvers list.

Or, we can pass your request to winning solvers from our network to provide their insights on your topic, as a collective. A designated contact solver will put it together and will send it back to you.

All you have to do is to send us the following basic information:

  • your request
  • your deadline
  • your financial offer
  • confidentiality conditions
  • your expectations / desired outcomes

Then you’ll be reached by Georgia to push things forward.

In future, you can expect books, online training courses, master classes, a richer research knolwedge base, and much more.


Georgia Mihalcea