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September 02

Does a job called Director of Possibilities make you click?

Want to work at HeroX?

April 15

Make applicable differences. Pursue your interests beyond boundaries.

Make applicable differences. Pursue your interests beyond boundaries.

April 14

Connect the right talents with the right companies

The art of connecting the right talents with the right companies Connecting the right talents with the right companies is a challenge for any decision maker who wants to stay on top of the game. Doing it at the right time and employing the right resources it’s simply art. An art that few master. Tons […]

March 13

Toys and Tools

Originally posted on Georgia Mihalcea:
“Deliberation is a function of the many; action is the function of one.” (Charles de Gaulle, War Memoirs, 1960). My today article comes as the second part to some previous articles of mine– where my main point was towards the implementation part regarding crisis management and the need for more developed…

March 05

Crowdsourcing Winning Solvers Interviews

Crowdsourcing Winning Solvers Interviews. Perspectives about open innovation through crowdsourcing from its direct players, winning problem solvers.

March 04

HeroX Master Class On Crowdsourcing

HeroX Crowdsourcing Master Class and what the “open innovator” journey is like! guest: Georgia Mihalcea, Host & Producer at We Are Solvers I do not know when I turned myself from a small business entrepreneur into a an open innovator, as crowdsourcing is a complex and unknown realm marked by endless facets, unexpected and often unpredictable side effects. Though, […]

July 10

What would you say to headhunters?

What would you say to human resources professionals and to headhunters? Talented professionals coming from various countries and from all ages, paths of life and working fields, problem solvers with multiple awarded solutions talk about their views and expectations from recruiters.

February 16

The Beginnings. Challenges.

Insights from the production side of things. We Are Solvers opening series: the challenges of the beginnings.

January 20

Creative Teaser

We Are Solvers. Creative Teaser.

January 16

We Are Solvers – Intro

Intro video for Series 1 of “We Are Solvers”

January 07

Debut Series

We Are Solvers. Debut Video Series.

January 06

We Are Solvers: About

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