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October 01

Crowdsourcing 2.0 is about sourcing machine’s creativity and knowledge. It is Crowdsourcing 3.0 that will help us do much better than that.

Crowdsourcing 2.0 is about sourcing machine’s creativity and knowledge. During the last 10 years machines crowdsourced everything we ever learnt and knew. Now we are going to crowdsource everything they’ve learnt. It is Crowdsourcing 3.0 that will help us do better than that. The near future of crowdsourcing is not about sourcing people’s knowledge and creativity, it […]

Love Challenge September 01

Challenge. Your love story in 100 words. Prizes 150 Euros

Contest Love Challenge Wrap the most beautiful love story you have ever lived  in a 100-word storyline and 25-word tagline. Prize purse: Eur 150 See the competition details (including a downloadable file for English version) on Let’s Have Words. * This flash challenge about love and happy relationships is related to my filmmaking project Let’s Have Words […]

March 06

The struggles of workforce and how crowdsourcing can fulfill its potential

The struggles of workforce and how crowdsourcing can fulfil its potential I cannot imagine a life when each day I have to wake up and to compete with thousands from all around the world for the hope of payment in order to afford my basic living. Crowdsourcing is not sustainable in any way as an alternative […]

March 04

HeroX Master Class On Crowdsourcing

HeroX Crowdsourcing Master Class and what the “open innovator” journey is like! guest: Georgia Mihalcea, Host & Producer at We Are Solvers I do not know when I turned myself from a small business entrepreneur into a an open innovator, as crowdsourcing is a complex and unknown realm marked by endless facets, unexpected and often unpredictable side effects. Though, […]

March 03

What changed in crowdsourcing in the last decade?

What changed in crowdsourcing in the last decade? Perspectives from problem solvers.

March 01

Patterns For Success

Patterns for Success was an incentive challenge launched by Berenyi Incorporated, USA through crowdsourcing platform HeroX. Small business owners are the engines moving economies forward. Nurturing these entrepreneurs and their businesses brings significant returns to local and regional financial markets.

February 14

Hey, you’re a dreamer?

Unleash Your Super Hero. Incentive creative challenge for crowdsourcing innovators. Winning problem solvers. “On the margins of life there is another life, different breeds of humans, new kind of stories and other rules. Here all people turned into words.”

January 07

Study Case: Innocentive (2)

Scanning open innovation marketplace. Study Case Innocentive. Part 2.

December 07

Study Case: Innocentive (1)

Scanning open innovation marketplace: Innocentive. Today, crowdsourcing is almost mainstream when it comes to solving problems in creative ways and transfer knowledge and technologies on fast forward and at lower costs than traditional ways.

January 18

Georgia Mihalcea

Interview. Winner of 2 open innovation challenges. Romania.

January 04

This is the dream

I dreamt to convince at least one NGO of my ideas. Instead I hit a coalition. It sounds arrogant. I assure you it is not. Here is my story that led to my third winning solution through open innovation realm in June 2016. Ever since I put an end to my over 10 years chapter of business entrepreneurship […]