Build Your Reputation

Build your reputation as a crowdsourcing expert, innovator or successful problem solver


We Are Solvers is a project dedicated to and shaped by solvers who proved themselves in the wild crowdsourcing competitions by winning one or more incentive challenges, by having at least one awarded solution in their portfolio.

The purpose of the project is to promote our breed and to supply the market with the missing piece of information in the crowdsourcing and open innovation markets: our perspectives. To influence change by speaking our words and to add value to the market.

Each solver who joins the project gets his/her own author category where s/he can post articles, upload video materials, podcasts and whatever necessary for building a solid reputation as open innovator, expert in their field and crowdsourcing problem soving.

Each solver who signs up in the project will have at least one video interview with Georgia, our host and producer, a multiple winning solver herself, interview that usually opens a solver category and introduces the solver to our community and world.

All materials sent to us for processing should be related to crowdsourcing and open innovation, the can also be your stories about your journey in this realm, your insights and opinions on various aspects of the open innovation market, discuss your awarded solutions and the problems it tackled, tips for succesful problem solving, and whatever crosses your mind and it is linked with our problem solving culture, mindset and market. 

All the materials are constantly distributed on our growing networks and through email marketing, but also by each solver on his/her own networks. 

Solvers are encouraged to be active and consistent in the process in order to build a solid reputation as experts in crowdsourcing and in their fields, in order to attract the interest of targeted audiences towards themselves, their solutions and our community. 

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Looking forward with curiosity!


Georgia Mihalcea

(alias typist Pepper Potts, the admin role playing)