We Are Solvers

We Are Solvers  is a web serial about meeting and interviewing uniquely prepared minds and silently influencers of our today’s world, crowdsourcing and open innovation winning solvers.

We Are Solvers highlights highly creative and competitive professionals from all around the globe, people who escalated the futurist realms of open innovation and crowdsourcing, players who rose above the global crowd more than just once and got awarded for their creative and innovative solutions by international organizations and governments.

The platform features creative problem solvers from all over the world coming from a variety of industries and business levels: innovators, researchers, scientists, professors, students, entrepreneurs, writers, and so on. 

The interviews are hosted by Georgia Mihalcea, 7 times award-winning problem solver, and the general producer of We Are Solvers.

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Contact “We Are Solvers” production:

Georgia Mihalcea, General Producer “We Are Solvers”

E-mail: contact@georgiamihalcea.com

Mobile: +40 722.856.811