We Are Solvers

– where winning problem solvers turn from competitive individuals into competitive community – 


We Are Solvers  is a web video series of virtual meetings on set with uniquely prepared minds and silently influencers of our today’s world, crowdsourcing & open innovation winning solvers.

We Are Solvers is a project that gathers highly creative and competitive professionals from all around the globe, people who escalated the futurist realm of open innovation and crowdsourcing, players who rose above the global crowd more than just once and got awarded for their creative and innovative solutions by international organizations.

The interviews are hosted by Georgia Mihalcea, 5 times award winning problem solver, and creator & producer of We Are Solvers.

We Are Solvers is a media oriented platform that aims to offer a rich knowledge source on crowdsourcing for the benefit of both organizations (Seekers) and Problem Solvers:

  • interviews with open innovation winning solvers
  • research base and knowledge on crowdsourcing and open innovation (from winning solvers perspective)
  • articles on problem solving, crowdsourcing and open innovation (written by winning solvers)
  • books about crowdsourcing and open innovation (from winning solvers perspectives)
  • training courses on problem solving and crowdsourcing
  • top talent recruiting pool
  • consulting services from top notch professionals on crowdsourcing and on various themed projects

The platform features solvers from all over the world coming from a variety of industries and business levels: innovators, researchers, scientists, professors, students, entrepreneurs, writers, etc. 

To have an idea about what winning solvers community means, we can have a look at the pioneer platform in this zone, Innocentive. Through their marketing, they reach more than 200,000 creative professionals coming from all corners of the world. The number raised to 300.000 in 2016. Their own list with award winning problem solvers has about 1,000 profiles/names (a few appear more than once as they have multiple solutions awarded). This means the winners community is about 1%. This per cent applies to all crowdsourcing platforms, more or less, and to all areas where direct action with no guarantee for success is required like entrepreneurship, arts and sport, to mention just a few.

Having direct access at such highly creative and competitive professional community, it’s a unique advantage and a good opportunity to listen, learn and rethink your hiring strategy when it comes to top talents or choosing your consulting partners and advisers. We Are Solvers is a unique top talent pool.


The purpose of We Are Solvers is to bring the communities of winning problem solvers together and to the attention of worldwide influencers in order to inspire further and to take problem solving and innovation to the next level together. 


  1. to build our reputation as problem solvers and crowdsourcing/open innovation experts;
  2. to create a reliable research knowledge base about crowdsourcing and open innovation;
  3. to educate and inspire through articles, podcasts, webinars, master classes worldwide organizations and creative professionals;
  4. to form a “must have” recruiting and consulting pool of top talents (for remote, part-time, outsource, and other working alternatives)
  5. to write books about crowdsourcing and open innovation from winning solvers perspective, as actors in the play;
  6. to create valuable training courses on crowdsourcing and open innovation for organizations and “wanna be” winning problem solvers.

How it works

The producer (Georgia) usually hunts the most prolific problem solvers and invite them in the project, first to be interviewed, and then to help them build a reputation as problem solvers through article writing, podcast series, master classes, etc. Things they can do as a team or each solver on his/her own.

Once the interview is done – implicitly featuring solver’s profile and knowing the solver personally, the solver gets his/her own author category (tagged with his/her name) and that is the place where the interview will be posted and where solver can start building his/her reputation in the open innovation market.

Winning solvers who find We Are Solvers platform in their research and want to become part of the project, can email Georgia about their desire, and should introduce themselves and their winning solutions from the start. After she checks out the information, the solver’s interview will be planned and developed.

Through our latest partnerships, crowdsourcing platforms help their winning solvers find We Are Solvers and encourage them to take this opportunity.

There is no cost involved for the solvers (i.e. with production, video edit, software, marketing, admin, management, and other costs involved with developing this project).

Georgia is herself a multiple winning solvers, she understands very well the solvers needs and mindset, she is also the sponsor and fundraiser of We Are Solvers, and she intends to keep the access to this project a free opportunity for champions alike.

How can winning solvers make money by joining We Are Solvers?

To name a few pathways:

They can promote and sell books, valuable market research, training courses, etc to a targeted growing community that surrounds this platform and community.

They can write valuable content together, as a community and promote it in a collective effort. 

They can solve problems together and share the prize. They can suggest challenges and platforms through new articles.

The more targeted content solvers create on We Are Solvers and the more they share it also in their own networks, the better their reputation and the better the sales and revenues.

They can also “hire” or contract each other in various paid projects, in various ways (online, remote, on site, etc). We Are Solvers is known for being a community with highly professionals, trustful and reliable people.

By acting together, as a community, we create a powerful marketing around us, much more influencing than by acting independently. And with zero costs. Each solver should just be consistent when it comes to writing articles, doing podcasts and other things s/he considers best for this purpose and for his/her own personal objectives.

How “We Are Solvers” makes money?

It doesn’t. It is just an opportunity for Georgia to build her own reputation in the market and to remain a part of this world changing creative and competitive community. An opportunity she directly supports in terms of time, work and finance, next to anyone who wants to support the community the same. It is a project made from passion and from the high consideration she has for the winning solvers.

If at some point the website will generate revenues from advertising to cover its maintance costs, that will be just fine, as it will allow us to create also a premium content zone which means more revenues for its authors.

Georgia believes that We Are Solvers project will find its own way and will bring fulfillment and dividends for all the actors in this play.

Video Interview Format

We Are Solvers Podcast contains video, audio and transcripts versions of all interviews.

These extensive interviews have a common core structure, but at the same time they are also developed further with the new questions coming from each solver, in an open way in order to cover as many aspects of the topics.

The structure of the interview is:

Part 1: Opening : introducing the winning solver and taking the vibe of his/her living place

Part 2: Talking about solver’s work, volunteering activities, present and past relevant projects

Part 3: Talking about solver’s winning solutions and about being a problem solver in open innovation (motivations, how did they start solving problems in OI, how did being awarded for their solutions change their life, etc)

Part 4: Talking about open innovation, the future of innovation and what’s next after open innovation

Part 5: Questions that solvers wish to address the audience 

Part 6: Solvers’ messages to :

  • Human resource professionals and headhunters
  • CEOs, leaders, influencers
  • Educational system and worldwide univerities leaders
  • Open innovation/Crowdsourcing platforms leaders
  • Creative professionals and “wanna be” solvers

Part 7: Closing speech (Georgia)

Creative Teaser

About “We Are Solvers” Team 

DayDreamer Productions is a family affair founded by Georgia and Maria Cristina, two creative, open mind and multi-skilled professionals focused on bringing new and interesting things into the world.

“We Are Solvers” project became Georgia’s heart project after two of her solutions were awarded through open innovation, one in 2010 (‘Models for Sourcing Food Databases’) and the other in 2014 (‘Humanizing the Customer Digital Experience / Humanizing Technology’). After that, she kept on winning and stopped counting. On this path she realized what a unique community this is and started to explore it.

“We Are Solvers” explores open innovation through the eyes of its winning problem solvers. People who take innovation personally. 


We are highly creative and top performing small team of two that has the power of a team of 20 due to our continuous learning and fusion of skills.

Georgia: producer, host, production concept and visuals, interviews structure, video-edit, website design and admin, copywriting, content management, digital marketing and promotion, fund raising (sponsorships), research.

Cristina: co-producer, co-host, logo design, transcripts, research, production’s journal, admin and financials.

Contact “We Are Solvers” production:

Georgia Mihalcea, Producer “We Are Solvers”

E-mail: contact@georgiamihalcea.com

Mobile: +40 722.856.811