Help Zero Gordian to be the first sport game played in space. Vote it now.

Help Zero Gordian to be the first sport game played in space. Vote it now.

What is the first SPORT you want to see played in space? You can only vote until 5 May 2019. The winning space game will be live transmitted during the 2024 Olympics! How cool is that!

I want that to be “Zero Gordian – The Knottiest Game In Space” designed by my friend Michael Ricciardi from the USA, a prolific innovator and problem solver.

Please vote it here:

zero-gordian-the-first-sport-game-played-in-spaceThe first 4 games will enter the final where an expert group will choose 2 winning games.

Today “Zero Gordian” is on a tie for the 4th place and has all the chances not only to reach the final, but also to win this competition, especially if we also give it a push now.

So, this is what you have to do and it will only take you few minutes:

  1. Enter the link
  2. Sign up.
  3. Vote Zero Gordian + 3 more games you like! (the rule is to vote 4 games for the vote to be valid).

P.S. Michael suggests to avoid voting the ‘Shooting Star’ game, as it is already well in the lead and it is not original; it’s an “adaptation” of the Harry Potter game ‘Quiddage’. However, you can vote whatever sport game you want to see out there in the universe and on our TV during 2024 Olympics :)

Thank you and I’ll be back with news after May 5 when voting session closes