Connect the right talents with the right companies

The art of connecting the right talents with the right companies

Connecting the right talents with the right companies is a challenge for any decision maker who wants to stay on top of the game. Doing it at the right time and employing the right resources it’s simply art. An art that few master.

Tons of information flow on the hire talent topic. Though when we take a look at the level of grassroots realities we often see broken links between talents and organizations. It feels like very few know what to do and how to retain talents and high skilled professionals who solve problems in creative ways.

Many employers don’t know how to manage individual diversity and freedom, they see these traits as threats. This is a paradox, because it is exactly individual diversity and freedom that led them to you in the first place, the things they perceived as opportunities. It is exact these traits that give the ordinary the touch of creativity and insight needed to make the difference between to be or not to be, between nice scenarios and great scenarios. This is where the first link breaks. 

When it comes to designing the right price for engaging the right talent, that’s where another link breaks. Employers don’t insert in their personnel budgets “talent” lines. The jobs are standard and that’s it. The talent should fit in. So here we are following a three chapter never ending story: hiring, chopping and loosing it.

The market value is not what you usually pay for one type of job or another or what your competitors pay. When it comes to talents it is what you pay for the value they add or create around one job or another, the savings and the novelty they can bring in. It’s the talent’s unique value proposition and fusion of skills, passions and achievements that gives that value. It is that uniqueness that gives the right price to go around. 

During We Are Solvers raising awareness project about the worldwide talents that live and thrive in the crowdsourcing and open innovation communities I met some incredible people. They love so much to learn that they ended up high skilled in a diversity of disciplines and industries after walking for so many years on the crowdsourcing pathway. It’s simply hard to label them and put them in boxes. Their unique value proposition changes with each solution they solve and win.

When it comes to hiring and retaining talent, developers should start  designing HR algorithms to match unique value propositions 

Watching the serial awarded solvers over and over again during the post-production, I realised it is no longer about just matching skills with job requirements. These hiring algorithms are outdated and won’t help us overcome the 4th industrial revolution challenges. We should start developing HR algorithms to match the unique value propositions. And we should keep in mind that as the world changes, we change and our unique value propositions change.

One of my guests in WAS1 (the first We Are Solvers video interviews series produced at the end of 2015) was Bas van de Haterd, a professional snoop as he calls himself and a vivid character in the HR Tech World. Bas lives in Utrecht, Netherlands. He is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, professional speaker, and 4 times award winner problem solver in open innovation realm.

Bas areas of expertise go around Marketing, Recruitment and Employer Branding, and Organizational and Business Development. He helps organizations to prepare for the changing world of work with robots, 3D printers and self-propelled cars.

Everybody is brilliant just not all of the time

Bas brought on the table some very interesting insights on the topic of connecting the right talent with the right companies, during our filmed virtual encounter.

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I also take this new opportunity to invite awarded problem solvers to join our raising awareness project about winning solvers community. You can find all the newest details here.