The struggles of workforce and how crowdsourcing can fulfill its potential

The struggles of workforce and how crowdsourcing can fulfil its potential

I cannot imagine a life when each day I have to wake up and to compete with thousands from all around the world for the hope of payment in order to afford my basic living. Crowdsourcing is not sustainable in any way as an alternative for hiring. Not from my perspective as open innovator/problem solver, as Spartan in the game.

The notion itself was never about serving such purpose. The attempts of turning it into such scenario for more and more profits by promoting such idea is one of the most unfortunate and irresponsable leadership lacks of vision. It’s pure infertility of the mind and knowledge. And we should be very careful as leaders and influencers when preaching the gospel of crowdsourcing, despite its potential.

These things have to be said because the tendencies of minds and creativity exploitation by brokering lower and lower monetary awards in exchange for more and more complex solutions and creativity outcomes have not shown stagnation or retreat in the first decade of modern crowdsourcing that turned greener as soon as the crisis hit (2007/2008 – 2017/present times).

If we don’t engage in the process as problem solvers, crowdsourcing would vanish instantly. Like any other product or service on the market. But can we afford such an approach? Can we afford to not continue learning the process, to not be there each time a new platform perpetuating the same model pops up on the web, to not boost our revenues if there is the opportunity? Who can influence change better than its players? And how can we do that if we don’t speak our mind and if we are not facing the game?

The conventional workforce stuggles with circumstances beyond the limit of endurance, no matter where we look in the world. Things show no sign of getting any better for conventional employees. Employers are wilder and wilder, each day comes with more and more disconnection from the human side of the game, with more irresponsability and greed.

The leaders and decision makers from all over should really consider using crowdsourcing for solving societal problems with high priority. This is the hot spot. It is a hemoragic one. And it doesn’t exist since yesterday.

Instead of firing people each time a new technology pops up, they should develop alternative worlds and markets to get better and more return from their HR investments. What’s the sense in the long run in losing so many people you trained in your culture and spirit, when instead you can offer them the opportunity to work and develop social innovation projects? To use the existing innovations to respond to severe issues that affect us all.

In my view, crowdsourcing holds meaning and better value only if it’s primary used for this purpose. New businesses won’t have a sustainable future in a world crowded with more and more poor, sick, unemployed, burned out and depressed costumer populations.

This means that crowdsourcing could really create new jobs in the area of social innovation by creating a global community of social entrepreneurs or “alternative volunteers” in a world that can also allow a decent and meaningful living. It holds the potential to solve problems in real time.

This is an area where crowdsourcing could fundamentally change our lives for the better. This is where I see it having true purpose and meaning in our today world. Where it can maximize its potential and fulfil its purpose.

For now, crowdsourcing is a low cost venue for a part of R&D and business, but this scenario is not a sustainable alternative for solvers, for people who choose to tackle the problems through crowdsourcing. Much happens on the positive side of things, but we cannot ignore the threats and trends. No matter what we create and develop, what makes the difference is how we use it, our vision and our intent.

From the perspective of seekers, I doubt it will ever be an alternative for hiring. It involves a lot of risk and too much unknown. It is, though, a good enough alternative for marketing and for broadening perspectives.
I believe the alternative for hiring will continue to be technology and soon, artificial intelligence.

That may be a turning point when crowdsourcing will eventually fulfil its potential and will be used for creating new jobs, as an alternative and complementary venue for start-ups wave, an area that faces a great deal of failure.

Technology wiped out loads of jobs on fast forward. Our parents generation and ours live in two completely different worlds. Artificial intelligence will really challenge us all pretty soon on this one. Crowdsourcing lowers the value of creativity and innovation capacity, it holds a worrying potential to multiply exploitation. Maybe this one of the reasons it takes it so long to fly…if you compare it with the success of other virtual bridges.

When AI performers will populate the markets, why won’t they become the future problem solvers? Why won’t organizations source knowledge from the crowd of AI entities?

Will we start switching the emigration flow from West to East in order to find a place where can have sense as humans?

As the trends show, humans are already highly challenged in the only area they can have a chance, creativity. Problem solvers are an example of that. And as the present trends point out, they’ll continue to be more and more challenged. And this time not for solving 3rd parties or the world’s problems, but for solving their own problems to basically survive…instead of using the crowdsourcing potential to uplift our all lives.

But imagine if we use all this progress more also for solving societal challenges, to help people solve their daily challenges in real time, for creating new jobs, new markets, new ways of living life. Imagine teams of humans and AI innovating together for solving real life problems. Imagine investors spending more money and interest also on this purpose. To turn things around. We have talents, we have tools. We have crowdsourcing infrastructure.

I believe many solvers are ready for such mission in terms of mindset, knowledge and skills. And I believe much more solvers will unravel from the unknown for such purpose as long as by engaging in crowdsourcing this way, they can also build a decent life around it, a path where they can find better meaning and purpose.

Imagine an organization where all employees are winning/top problem solvers having the mission to solve common good problems on fast forward and in sustainable ways. That’s can be an exotic experiment for an excentric millionaire, but why not? As I see it, we live times when we have to act a little bit unconventional.

Everything we do is supposed to uplift the quality of life and to buy us more time to also enjoy life and if fortunate, to also be able uplift the lives of the ones in delicate positions, places on Earth and moments in life. Positions where any of us can fall into at any given moment.

Otherwise, what’s the point? What are we living and working for?

And in the end, what’s the point of crowdsourcing?