Crowdsourcing Winning Solvers Interviews

Crowdsourcing Winning Solvers Interviews

Perspectives about open innovation through crowdsourcing from its direct players, winning problem solvers.

The first We Are Solvers series features the following successful open innovators:

Jacqueline Eenkooren, Canada. Assistant-Researcher at the University of CalgaryWinner of 2 open innovation challenges.

Bas van de Haterd, Netherlands. Entrepreneur, consultant, writer, professional speaker.  Winner of 4 open innovation challenges.

Abshar Rashid, Dubai. Senior Software Engineering Professional and Private Computer Science Researcher. Winner of open innovation challenge “Software Trading Models”

Mario Alejandro Rosato, Italy. CEO / R&D at Sustainable Technologies SLProfessor of biogas technology. 4th place in the worldwide ranking of top solvers by in 2011. Winner of 6 open innovation challenges.

David Galbraith, USA. PhD Professor at The School of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona.

Steven Webb, USA. PhD scientist with 25yrs of experience. Sincerely concerned about the impact of open innovation on future scientists. Winner of 10 open innovation challenges and architect of 130 solutions in the last 4 years in the open innovation realm.

Michael Ricciardi, USA. Science and Technology Writer, Researcher, Tech and Concept Designer. Winner of 7 open innovation challenges and short-listed for another 4. In love with visual poetry. Explorer of the ways science meets art. Magician and Artist.

Georgia Mihalcea, Romania. Entrepreneur. Consultant. Winner of 5 crowdsourcing incentive challenges and short-listed for a social-business one.