HeroX Master Class On Crowdsourcing

HeroX Crowdsourcing Master Class

and what the “open innovator” journey is like!

guest: Georgia Mihalcea, Host & Producer at We Are Solvers

I do not know when I turned myself from a small business entrepreneur into a an open innovator, as crowdsourcing is a complex and unknown realm marked by endless facets, unexpected and often unpredictable side effects.

Though, I am glad things moved to this direction as I’ve played the game of open innovation through crowdsourcing for more than 7 years already, time that brought me 5 awarded solutions until now. As it seems, there was much more into it than just problem solving.

Two things that happened in this chapter of my life are: We Are Solvers and openOI projects, collaboration platforms done by crowdsourcing winning solvers for their own community. They were built by using the only resources available we had at hand: who we are and what we know.

HeroX team and the world of solvers proved to be a story about natural attraction. The spark between us happened when I won one of their most recent challenges “Patterns for Success” (I’ve been awarded for Culture success category) launched by Berenyi Incorporated, USA on their platform. Solvers were challenged to create a set of tools and guidance for small business owners to thrive and to better overcome the more and more complex problems they face. 

We met online last evening during their Master Class Series “Less Hiring, More Crowdsourcing” to talk about it, to map some new improvements that can be done in the area and to offer a new perspective over the market. It is the first meeting I am aware of that happened between the team of a crowdsourcing platform and the problem solvers. That I found to be a very positive thing for both sides. The HeroX team was great (Kyla, Angela, Christina and Paul) as you’ll also see while watching the material.

I’ll leave you with our video encounter and I’ll be more than glad to hear your views, especially because more such meetings will happen in the following months and your views can influence the value of content.


Georgia Mihalcea

Host & Producer @WeAreSolvers