Patterns For Success

Patterns For Success

tools and winning culture for small business owners

Patterns for Success was an incentive challenge launched by Berenyi Incorporated, USA through crowdsourcing platform HeroX at the end of 2016. 

In terms of challenge design, it was beautifully crafted by the HeroX team, thing that managed to naturally attract solvers from all around the world in the attempt to deliver the best recipe of strategy, leadership and culture for Do-It-Yourself business owners.

This is how it all started:

“Small business owners are the engines moving economies forward. Nurturing these entrepreneurs and their businesses brings significant returns to local and regional financial markets.

…Yet they rarely get the support they deserve.

“Do-It-Yourself business owners” truly do anything and everything imaginable to inch their businesses towards success. Even though motivation is high, there are too many demands to be met each day – It’s no wonder DIY business owners often struggle.

In order to ensure these economic lynchpins not only survive, but thrive, it’s critical to provide small business owners with the tools necessary to grow their businesses, manage day-to-day responsibilities, build better partnerships, and properly lead their employees.

We are reaching out to you, the problem solving community, to create a series of tools that will help DIY entrepreneurs form viable strategies for their businesses, lead their employees to success, and create winning cultures within their companies.”

The seeker structured the program we were about to architect in 3 major success categories, each containing 3 modules:

Success category: STRATEGY

Module 1: Planning to Create Competitive Advantage
Module 2: Branding Your Vision and Your Business
Module 3: Selling to Generate New Customers

Success category: LEADERSHIP

Module 4: Resilience and Conquering New Territory
Module 5: Building Your Team and Key Partnerships
Module 6: Commanding Presence

Success category: CULTURE

Module 7: Creating Great Company Culture
Module 8: The Value of Simplicity
Module 9: Work-Life Balance and Stress Management

I was the fortunate winner of Culture Success Category. The overall winners were:

It was my first material ever written of this kind and I found it to be a difficult challenge. The structure already set in place by the seeker and the request to keep it short (max 50 pages in total) eased my mission, but the highest challenge was to maintain the tone and the unity of the overall material over the days while getting from one module to another, from one category to another. 

At the end of the challenge, HeroX moved on with interviewing winning solvers under the mission labeled “Finding Hidden Heroes”, a very match with We Are Solvers project’s mission. Here is an excerpt from my interview, Finding Hidden Heroes: Interview with Innovator Georgia Mihalcea

Q: What is your life’s purpose?
A: To turn all my known and unknown (yet) passions into strong enough and peaceful ways of living. If by redesigning yourself, you also redesign small parts of this world for the better, that is more than one can ask for. This happened to me through problem solving. It adds meaning to life.

If by redesigning yourself, you also redesign small parts of this world for the better, that is more than one can ask for.

Q: Who is a living hero that you admire?
A: Problem solvers!

If you look at the big picture, and follow these rogue problem solvers, you’d see how much these people influence and impact the world!

As individuals and groups, you’d be astonished by the lives of solvers.

It’s impossible to state how many communities have a better life or business thanks to the worldwide networks of “unknown” and unsung solvers.

This is why I started the We Are Solvers project! I work to highlight as many solvers as possible. I work to reveal their stories and to provide the market a unique perspective upon open innovation coming directly from the front line, from champions.

Q: What has taken place since winning Patterns for Success?
A: “Patterns for Success” was a very special award for me because it allowed me to mark a highly challenging era of my life in a beautiful and beneficial way. It was a very close to my heart challenge. As it happened recently and the sponsor (Berenyi Incorporated) plan to turn the awarded proposals into a guiding book for small business owners community, a community I was part of for over a decade, it is too early to say. It made me happy. And it made me cry. The incentive innovation challenge won during that time was the 30th challenge solved in my portfolio.

Besides making me an “alien” for the traditional recruiting market and boosting my revenues in difficult times, nothing really changed. In fact, the better you become in this process and the more challenges you win, your life becomes harder. You turn into a sort of an alternative activist for world’s problems, a highly creative and independent individual, a breed that decision makers don’t know what to do with. There is a lot of education and informing needed to teach influencers how to use this community further as it has a tremendous potential. As “the game ain’t over” and as the OI market becomes more popular, let’s review this question after a few more years.