Michael Ricciardi

Michael Ricciardi

– I don’t’ want to rule the world, I just want to be a consultant – 

Science and Technology Writer, Researcher, Tech and Concept Designer.

Winner of 7 open innovation challenges and short-listed for another 4. 

In love with visual poetry. Explorer of the ways science meets art. Magician and Artist.


Today we’ll take the journey to Seattle, Washington in United States of America to meet Michael Ricciardi

He was a professional magician/sleight of hand artist for 15 years until the age of 31 (1976 – 1995).

When it comes to the personal side of his life, Michael has his mom, his three brothers and many friends scattered all over the world.

When he is not working he:

– he writes (has several writing projects, currently; philosophy of science/non-fiction book, children’s novel)

– occasionally makes short videos (mostly art videos and video poems for festivals, art installations, etc.)

– reads a lot of science-based nonfiction and science journals (usually on a daily basis)

– goes to the cinema (he sometimes attends film festivals or sees a stage play)

– attends lectures (usually astronomy/cosmology)

– tries out new restaurants with his friends

…and only infrequently utilizes social media sites.

He has several friends who are accomplished musicians/composers and so he has many opportunities to hear original music (mostly modern instrumental, free jazz, electronica, indy rock/punk). Quite an opportunity!

If you ask Michael about his favorite films, music and books, you have to be prepared to take notes. One can write a few blog posts just about that! And you can bet I will!

Recently Michael had first New York City showing of an art work at the Hall of Science Museum as part of the juried exhibition Science Inspires Art – The Brain.

The problems he succesfully answered through open innovation are: 

  1. Ford’s Innovate Mobility Series – ‘Create Accessories for Parked Commercial Vehicles’
  2. ‘Fighting Ebola – A Grand Challenge for Health’, 2014 (technology proposal)
  3. ‘2013 Innovations in Arms Control Challenge’ (Bureau of Arms Control and Compliance, US State Dept.)
  4. ‘How to Augment a Camera to do More than Take a Snapshot?’
  5. Strategy to Assimilate Unstructured Information
  6. ‘What Disruptive Innovations Does Pharma Need to Discover Tomorrow’s Drugs?’
  7. ‘Tech Challenge to Prevent Mass Atrocities’

Additional Short-listed Solutions Proposals:

  1. ‘Employing Youth through Big Data Analysis’
  2. ‘Knowing By Numbers’ concept proposal for indicators of mass atrocity or government suppression
  3. ‘The Economist Challenge: Envisioning and Designing the 21st Century Cyber School’
  4. ‘Passenger Screening for Infectious Agents’

Michael also shares part of his work, writings and knowledge on openOI.org – a sharing information platform founded by award winning problem solvers.

When I asked Michael to give a title to his interview he answered: Dr. Solve Love, or, How I learned to stop wasting R & D money and love the crowd.