Jacqueline Eenkooren

Jacqueline Eenkooren

– Assistant-Researcher at the University of Calgary – 

Winner of 2 open innovation challenges.

Music driven problem solver.


Today we’ll reach Alberta, Calgary in Canada to meet Jacqueline Eenkooren, 2 times award winner problem solver in open innovation realm.

Jacqueline is 26 years old and she is currently a graduate student at the Centre for Military, Security, and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary. She researches innovations in intelligence analysis. She started participating in crowdsourcing through open innovation platform InnoCentive.com in 2011 and won on her first attempt.

She works as a student assistant/researcher at an offsite branch of the library and archives for the University of Calgary. And she is totally in love with music and art in general.

When it comes to the personal dimension of her life, she has close relationships with her family, her dog, and a small group of friends. She values deep, meaningful friendships and choose solitude over shallower relationships.

When she is alone, she dives into work; she finds and creates projects.

As a grad student, she doesn’t have plenty of free time. But when she does have some time, she likes to rediscover the things she used to do. Once in a while she’ll paint, write, play one of her instruments, she makes time for playing with her dog regularly, goes for a hike or canoeing, reads fiction.

She loves learning about things outside of her field, brainstorming new projects, or spending hours wrapped in conversation with a friend.

When she had more time she volunteered, something which she feels is lacking in her life now. Volunteering experience is something very close to her heart, a life journey and shaping experience, part of her becoming.

Jacqueline won two open innovation challenges and her winning solutions addressed two major problems:

  1. “Raising Treatment for Hepatitis C”
  2. “Models Motivating and Supporting Altruism Within Communities”