David Galbraith

David Galbraith

– PhD Professor at The School of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona 


Today we’ll take the journey to Palo Alto, USA to meet David Galbraith who attends an event at Stanford University. He had to wake up earlier than planned and to use his supernatural skills to defeat time and to be able to have this virtual meeting.

David Galbraith received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Biochemistry from Cambridge University. He was a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. And he is internationally known for his work in flow cytometry and cell sorting. He is a polymath type.

David lives at the Foothills of Santa Catalina Mountains, in Tucson, Arizona USA.  At present he is married after twice being divorced.  He is the father of two older children, Simon living in the Bay Area and working in database administration for a biotech company; and Sarah working as communications director at Google in London.  David has also a 13 years old daughter, who shares time with him and her mother. Most of his extended family lives in or around London.  His wife has a brother in Tucson, but most of her other relatives are on the east coast of the United States.

When he is not working, he is a dedicated fan of camping/hiking/picnicking and visiting wineries. He is also an artist truly in love with music. He sings in the Tucson Symphony Chorus and in their local church choir. His wife has a trio (soprano, flute, piano), and she helps at their concerts.

He likes to watch a lot of different types of movies, from indies to DC comics.

David enjoys the absurdity of the human’ situation, thus he is contributing with some solutions to help us avoid destroying the planet over the next few decades.

He won the first time he submitted at open innovation challenge with one solution. The problem was related directly to some scientific work he had done and published about 20 years ago.

When I asked David to give a title to this overall material, he answered: Open Innovation in an Increasingly Complex World.