Bas van de Haterd

Bas van de Haterd – Professional Snoop
Utrecht Area, Netherlands
Entrepreneur, consultant, writer, professional speaker.
4 times award winner problem solver in open innovation realm.

Bas van de Haterd is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and professional speaker who loves cycling, fantasy books, goth metal music, and movies as the mood goes. He has family and plenty of friends.

Bas is always ON, he is also involved in volunteering activities and his areas of expertise go around Marketing, Recruitment and Employer Branding, Organizational and Business Development.

Regarding his close to heart projects, on top of the list there his newest book 10 Jobs (that will appear and 10 jobs that will disappear) and taking research international.

He won several totally different types of challenges launched by different organizations in open innovation realm and it happened to be all in the spectrum of ‘business’.

The problems he succesfully answered are:

  1. ‘Big data in healthcare’
  2. ‘How do we engage people in talking about death’
  3. ‘Transitioning customers to e-sales in B2B’ 
  4. ‘Improving document identification methods’.