Abshar Rashid

Abshar Rashid

– Technical Advisor –

Senior Software Engineering Professional and Private Computer Science Researcher.

Winner of open innovation challenge “Software Trading Models


Abshar lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Award winner of open innovation challenge Software Trading Models.

Abshar learnt his first programming language at the age of 9, when he developed a Quiz Application in GW-Basic.

His research on “Object Oriented Design Process” was published in the NED Engineering University Official Magazine 2007 edition. 

In present, he has a Computer and Information Systems Bachelor in Engineering and he spends most of his time (almost 13 hours a day) at work or doing something about work even when he is at home.

Since most of his time outside of work is spent commuting between office and home, he likes to listen to Podcasts during transit, such as BBC’s More or Less, the Freakonomics Radio, or the HBR Idea-cast.

Apart from these, reading and personal research are his favorite hobbies. He says he has been losing grip on them gradually ever since he entered the work force after university.  Being in the mid-level of his career at the moment, he hardly gets to finish one book in 2-3 months. These days he is trying to finish reading ‘God is always hiring’.

Regarding the personal dimension of Abshar’s life, he is a believer, he is married with a very supportive wife and has a 2 years old son.

When I asked Abshar to give a title to this overall material he answered: A look inside the lives of typical OI winners. That’s a good tagline!