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 interviews with worldwide

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“We Are Solvers” is a non-commercial video production with and about worldwide award winning problem solvers from open innovation realm.

“We Are Solvers”  is a video series of virtual meetings with uniquely prepared minds and silently influencers of our today’s world.

The interviews are hosted by Georgia Mihalcea, two times award winning problem solver and producer at DayDreamer Productions.

The video series lauched its wings at the end of 2015 with the first round of virtual interviews with eight worldwide multiple awarded solvers.

“We Are Solvers” first step was a very sensitive production to organize and implement because it was 100% based on each solver’s word of honor and mutual trust.

It is a living project that found its own resources, helpers, team and way into the world. The fact that we are all part of the same community made quite a difference, the level of professionalism was at its highest at all ends.

The purpose of We Are Solvers production is to make this community of silent warriors and silent influencers better known to worldwide influencers and decision makers and to create an venue for this community to use its potential at its best.

Awarded problem solvers community is a source and resource of highly creative and competitive professionals who take the act of continuous learning to the next level and who already demonstrated their potential.

Solvers are people who take innovation personally.

During We Are Solvers series of interviews you will get the chance to meet the people behind the solutions that shape the world and to reach them out.

The interviews will be available to watch online by the end of January 2016 and they can be found here on We Are Solvers website, on openOI.org and on social network (Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud).